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Trope For Torah and Haftarah

When we read Torah in the synagogue, we are not simply commanded to recite it, rather to sing it with special chanting motifs called tropes (musical symbols) of cantillation. The following are recordings, with accompanying notation, of these symbols which may be used to learn the art of Torah and Haftarah reading. In the documents you will find the Hebrew names of these symbols along with symbols written above and below their corresponding Hebrew name. You will also find the Hebrew words transliterated on the bottom of the musical staves.

It is important to note that the chanting of Torah is an oral tradition and many styles of chanting have been passed down through the generations. Therefore, the musical notation you see will sometimes differ from the accompanying recording. Please use the recordings, trope names and corresponding symbols as the primary method of learning these tropes.

In the lists below, click the name of the trope to open a PDF file. When you click "click here to listen", if your browser has an automatic audio player, the file (MP3's) will start to play immediately. Or, if you prefer, you can right click the file and download it ("Save As") to your computer. 


Blessing before the reading of Torah:
View PDF

Listen MP3

Blessing after the reading of Torah:
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Listen MP3


Torah Trope:

Part 1 – View PDF

Part 1 – Listen MP3

Part 2 – View PDF

Part 2 – Listen MP3

Part 3 - View PDF

Part 3 – Listen MP3

Part 4 – View PDF

Part 4 – Listen MP3

Part 5 – View PDF

Part 5 – Listen MP3

Part 6 – View PDF

Part 6 – Listen MP3


Blessing before the reading of Haftarah:

View PDF

Listen – MP3

Blessing after the reading of Haftarah:

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Listen – MP3


Haftarah Trope

Part 1 – View PDF

Part 1 – Listen MP3

Part 2 – View PDF

Part 2 – Listen MP3

Part 3 – View PDF

Part 3 – Listen MP3

Part 4 – View PDF

Part 4 – Listen MP3

Part 5 – View PDF

Part 5 – Listen MP3

Part 6 – View PDF

Part 6 – Listen MP3


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