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Worship with Us

Worship with Us

Celebrate Chanukah


chanukah latkesTuesday, December 3 at 6:15pm
Congregational Candle Lighting and Dinner

Join us for a communal lighting of Temple Sholom's giant menorah with a sing-a-long with Cantor Asa, followed by a Chanukah dinner. Dinner: $5/person or $20/family max.


chanukah interfaithThursday, December 5 at 6:00pm
Christ Church, 254 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich
The Sholom Center Interfaith Holiday Lighting

Join us for our annual interfaith tradition when we gather in front of Christ Church with a giant menorah and a Christmas tree. Together we will light both, sing holiday favorites from both traditions, and enjoy apple cider and donuts.

Young Children's Family Program


The Selma Maisel Nursery School

Our Young Children's Family Program is a spirited and child-centered Shabbat service for children (newborn - 2nd grade) and their families (older siblings are always welcome!). These programs are a wonderful opportunity for families to share in the Shabbat experience, socialize within our community and help our children discover their Jewish selves in a musical and spirited program which includes singing and dancing. Young Children's Family Programs are held throughout the year, either on Friday nights or Shabbat mornings.


Friday, October 25 5:30pm, Ice Cream, Pajamas & Birthdays
Friday, November 22 5:30pm, Latkes, Pajamas & Birthdays
Saturday, December 14    11:00am, Tot Shabbat
Friday, January 10 5:30pm, Pizza, Pajamas & Birthdays
Saturday, January 25 11:00am, Tot Shabbat
Saturday, February 22 11:00am, Tot Shabbat
Saturday, March 15 5:30pm, Hamantashen, Pajamas & Birthdays
Saturday, April 12 11:00am, Tot Shabbat
Friday, May 9 5:30pm, Ice Cream, Pajamas & Birthday

For more information, please call Alice Schoen at (203) 542-7165 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




High Holiday Melody Guide

High Holiday Melody Guide

Welcome to my new library of Congregational melodies for the High Holidays. Below is a list of several melodies from the different services of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur that help to create our prayer experience. For many of us, the sounds of these melodies are like the shofar call -- a yearly reminder that it is time to gather once again as a community and re-establish our relationship with God.

As your Cantor it is my hope that we can share this musical experience of the High Holidays by singing many of these beautiful melodies together as a congregation.  Your collective voices have the power to lift the spiritual nature of our services and make these High Holy Days memorable ones for our entire community.

Wishing you a New Year filled with Health, Happiness and Peace,
Cantor Asa

Top Ten Holiday Melodies                             Other Notable Holiday Melodies
 1. Areshet S'fateinu                                   1. Barchu
 2. Avinu Malkeinu                                   2. Shema
 3. B'rosh HaShanah                                   3. Yimloch
 4. B'sefer Hayyim                                   4. Tiku Vachodesh
 5. M'chalkeil Hayyim                                   5. Kidush/Melech Al Kol Haaretz
 6. Mi Chamocha                                   6. Echad
 7. Musaf Hatzi Kaddish                                   7. Gadlu
 8. U'netaneh Tokef                                   8. L'cha Adonai
 9. Yigdal                                   9. Eitz Chaim
10. Zochreinu                                  10. Hayom Harat Olam

Erev Rosh Hashanah:                                       

Barchu Shema
Mi Chamocha Yimloch
Tiku Vachodesh Hatzi Kaddish
Kiddush/Melech Al Kol Haaretz

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur:
Torah Service:

Shema Echad
Gadlu L’cha Adonai
Eitz Chayyim  

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur:
Hatzi Kaddish Zochreinu
M’chalkeil Unetaneh Tokef
Areshet S’fateinu B’Rosh HaShanah
B’Seifer Hayyim Hayom Harat Olam
Melech Al Kol Haaretz



Below you will find a list of prayers from each of our Shabbat services at Temple Sholom . Friday night services are split into two parts: Kabbalat Shabbat (welcoming Shabbat) and Maariv (evening prayer). Saturday services include Bircot HaShachar (morning blessings), Pseukei D’Zimrah (songs of praise), Shacharit (morning prayer), Torah service, and Musaf (additional Shabbat service). 
All recordings are accompanied by pages from our prayer book Siddur Hadash, so that you may see each prayer in its actual context. I hope this will guide you to a greater intimacy with these ancient texts of our tradition and will inspire you to add your voice to our Shabbat.

In the lists below, click the name of the prayer to open a PDF file. When you click "click here to listen", if your browser has an automatic audio player, the file (MP3's) will start to play immediately. Or, if you prefer, you can right click the file and download it ("Save As") to your computer.

The pages presented here, for use in learning the Friday night and Saturday morning liturgy, are reproduced from the prayer book used at Temple Sholom: SIDDUR HADASH (Edited by Greenberg and Levine) © the Prayer Book Press of Media Judaica. If you would like to purchase a full copy of this Siddur (prayer book) copies are available in the Temple Sholom Sisterhood gift shop

(phone 203-869-7191  ext. 117)
or directly from the publisher:

The Prayer Book Press of Media Judaica
1363 Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06605

The Prayer Book Press of Media Judaica,
1363 Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06605

Friday Night Services


1. Y’did Nefesh Click here to listen
2. Shiru Ladonai Click here to listen
3. Mizmor L’David Click here to listen
4. L’cha Dodi Click here to listen
5. Tzaddik Katamar Click here to listen


1. Barchu Click here to listen
2. Ahavat Olam Click here to listen
3. Shma/V'Ahavta  Click here to listen
4. Mi Chamocha Click here to listen
5. Hashkivenu Click here to listen
6. V'Shamru Click here to listen
7. Hatzi Kaddish Click here to listen
8. Vay'chulu Click here to listen

Saturday Morning Services


1. Ma Tovu Click here to listen
2. Morning Brachot Click here to listen
3. Shma Yisrael Click here to listen


4. Baruch Sheamar Click here to listen
5. Ashrei Click here to listen
6. Psalm 150 Click here to listen
7. Song of the Sea Click here to listen
8. Nishmat Kol Chai Click here to listen


9.   Shochen Ad  click here to listen    
27. Shma/Echad/Gadlu   click here to listen
10. Yishtabach 
click here to listen 28. L'cha Adonai  
click here to listen
11. Hatzi Kaddish
click here to listen 29. V'Zot HaTorah   
click here to listen
12. Barchu 
click here to listen 30. Y'Hallelu     click here to listen
13. El Adon
click here to listen 31. Mizmor L'David 
click here to listen
14. Titbarach Tzureinu click here to listen 32. Eitz Hayyim  

click here to listen


15. Or Chadash
click here to listen 33. Amida      click here to listen
16. Ahava Raba
click here to listen 34. Naaritzcha  click here to listen
17. V'Haer Eineinu click here to listen 35. K'vodo 
click here to listen 
18. Shma  
click here to listen 36. Mimkomo  click here to listen
19. V'Ahavta 
click here to listen 37. Hu Eloheinu
click here to listen
20. Mi Chamocha        
click here to listen 38. L'Dor Vador 
click here to listen
21. Amida   
click here to listen 39. U'Vyom HaShabbat click here to listen
22. Full Kaddish   
click here to listen 40. Yismchu click here to listen 
23. Ein Kamocha
click here to listen 41. V’Taher Libenu
click here to listen
24. Av Harachamim
click here to listen 42. Rtsei
click here to listen 
25. Vayehi Binsoa
click here to listen 43. Sim Shalom  click here to listen
26. Bei Ana Racheitz   click here to listen 44. V'Shamru click here to listen
45. Kiddush 
click here to listen

Excerpts from SIDDUR HADASH ©  2006 The Prayer Book Press of Media Judaica. Used by permission.

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