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Resources Rabbi Mitch's Weekly Teachings Rabbi’s Weekly Teaching November 2, 2012

Rabbi’s Weekly Teaching 
Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy has been terribly devastating and our prayers are with all those who have suffered. Whenever we face extreme challenge we are mindful of God's life warning to us: "I place before you a blessing and a curse."

When life becomes especially difficult we are told by God to find the strength to be a catalyst for future blessing. The prophet Isaiah once beseeched our spiritual ancestors in the midst of terrifying exile, charging all those who were able, bring comfort to the "afflicted, storm-tossed, unconsoled ones."

With so much pain, we hope to alleviate suffering. As soon as power is returned to our building, the Temple's doors will open. In the meantime, our professional staff is available to you. We are reaching out to all families, and ask you to be in touch with us directly if you have pastoral or physical needs we can assist with. You are not alone.

Amidst the curse of Hurricane Sandy, we are blessed by the countless individuals, professional and volunteer, who are assisting those in need. People are volunteering at shelters, opening their homes, donating monies, and assisting in a myriad of ways. The blessings being shared are a light unto us all and we know it will be a catalyst for our rebuilding our homes and communities.

Hurricane Sandy had the power to "shake us", but it doesn't have the power to uproot us. We can dig in our roots of faith and pursue with renewed dedication being a blessing to others. We start by counting the blessings that remain in our lives; those who are physically safe and unharmed; those who we can spend time with and give and receive the blessings of our love. With the counting of our blessings, we can move forward with a renewed dedication to heighten our spiritual pursuit of holiness. We can help build the spiritual infrastructure to help further strengthen our physical lives.

The storms of our lives are always terribly difficult; they are absolutely a curse. Hurricane Sandy has been especially powerful in its cursing blight upon our lives. But, God implores us to find the blessing amidst the curse and bring this blessing to ourselves and others. I pray we succeed in this holy endeavor.

Be safe, and please let us know how we might be of assistance. I can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Rabbi Mitch


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