Temple Sholom

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Life Cycle Events


The Temple Sholom community is here to share your greatest joys and to provide comfort in life’s most difficult times. In times of sorrow, our Rabbi and Cantor hope to be a source of comfort and will provide all services that you and your family require. Being a community means sharing life’s greatest milestones together. We hope you will take advantage of Temple Sholom’s warm environment and compassionate clergy. If you have a life cycle need, please contact Rabbi Mitch directly at RabbiMitch@templesholom.com, or by calling 203-542-7150.

Temple Sholom's building facilities are available for all of your life cycle events, from brit milah to bar mitzvah, from weddings to birthdays and anniversaries. To set up a tour of our facilities, please contact Eileen Robin, 203-542-7155, eileen.robin@templesholom.com.