Temple Sholom

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Be a part of Sisterhood...

Allow yourself a place to uncover your Jewish soul. Discuss, vent, brag, give and get advice from women who share similar goals and dilemmas. 

Sisterhood supports Temple Sholom through our membership & contributions.
We assist in a wide variety of projects and programs, including:

  • Develop meaningful relationships while participating in dinners, workshops, fundraisers and trips with our members. Join us in supporting Temple Sholom programs throughout the year, such as:

    – Break-the-Fast on Yom Kippur

    – Desserts for Selichot and Simchat Torah

    – Shabbat and Holiday Dinners

    – Chanukah Celebration

    – Cantor’s Concert

    – Second Night Passover Seder

    – Holiday Treats for Purim and Shavuot

    – Bar/Bat Mitzvah Gifts

    – The Temple Sholom Gift Shop

    – Chesed Volunteers

Your support and participation make Sisterhood successful! For more information or to join us, please contact Lauren Wels, 914-934-9490, sisterhood@templesholom.com

Click here for the current Sisterhood Board list.