Temple Sholom's Israel Advocacy & Education Initiative

In June 2010, Temple Sholom put a formal mission in place to educate the community on Israel and to help create a bond between us and citizens of Israel.

Rabbi Mitch created a rabbinic council, co-chaired by Marshall Cooper and Amy Lipton. In addition to facilitating a link between Temple Sholom and Israel, the council was put in place to also ensure an effective and monitored holistic approach that provides educational and programmatic resources and effective avenues that will help establish cultural, professional, spiritual and economic ties to Israel and assist with effective advocacy on Israel's behalf. 


Activism / Advocacy

Israel must never be prey to those who hate her and the Jewish people. Our response to anti-Zionism, which is anti-Semitism, needs to be quick and effective. We will seek appropriate communal partners to assist our members in how to increase their own awareness of the outstanding issues, and then be able to appropriately advocate on Israel's behalf. Temple Sholom will partner with mission-compatible organizations that encourage safe and secure borders for Israel and promote the ideals of Conservative Judaism. 


Temple Sholom leads a mission to Israel every year. For more information contact Lori Baden, Associate Executive Director, at 203-542-7172 or email [email protected].