A Note from the Director

I consider myself a very lucky person! I have the opportunity to work with young children every day -- children who are curious about everything they see, hear and touch and have the intuitive desire and boundless energy to explore everything around them!
As young as they are, nursery school children are at that critical moment in life where the foundation for their desire to learn is being established. Children need an encouraging environment where they will be constantly challenged to acquire the learning skills that will help them navigate through some very formative years. They are beginning to learn how to learn.
It is our goal at the Selma Maisel Nursery School to foster in our children the desire to learn. Whether they will be doctors or statesman, artists, builders, or sous chefs, children need to have constant opportunities to discover their abilities, take risks, and, succeed or fail, be eager to move to the next challenge.
I’m excited to be guiding the Selma Maisel Nursery School to accomplish the collective goal of having happy, self-confident children that are growing and discovering every day.
My door is always open and I am here to answer any of your questions.
Phyllis Lyons