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Lifelong Learning Religious School Creative Arts Program (CAP)

CAP (Creative Arts Program)

The Creative Arts Program is a unique program integrating our formal curriculum with the informal. Students in 3rd-7th grades are invited to choose one of three CAP electives. Students will be given the opportunity to change electives mid-year. Our CAP project will culminate in two school wide presentations; one for Chanukkah and the other at the end of year.

Each week students have one CAP period. Students can choose from three art mediums: Art, Drama, & Music. In each medium, students will explore the theme created for the academic year. All work created will be a result of the students learning and will be examples of their self expression.

Faculty: Adam Feder, Music Specialist  
The CAP Program was awarded the 2011 Synagogue Award for Excellence from METNY.

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