3rd - 7th grade

Overview for Kitah Gimmel (3rd Grade)

  • To explore the rhythms and cycles of the Jewish calendar. Students will learn about the Hebrew months, the lunar calendar and will deepen their understandings of the holidays by incorporating a more personal approach to study. Curriculum will develop from a focus on holiday symbols to a focus on the deeper meaning of the holidays.
  • To introduce students to the traditional methods of Torah study. Students will be asked to take a closer look at the texts, to approach them on the basis of peshat(what is the literal meaning of the text), drash (what does the text teach), andremez (what are the larger issues that are hinted at in this text).
  • To reinforce their knowledge of the Hebrew aleph bet.
  • To develop their reading fluency and accuracy.
  • To learn to locate the root letters in the word

Overview for Kitah Dalet (4th Grade)

  • To explore the biblical stories of the prophets. 
  • To discover the relevance of the prophets' messages to our lives today.
  • Students will learn about the feasts, fasts and festivals that mark the Jewish Year.
  • Explore the customs and celebrations of each holiday alongside the holiday's history and ancient traditions. 
  • To improve reading and comprehension skills.
  • To develop greater fluency in reading Hebrew and to expand vocabulary knowledge.
  • To develop a comprehension of selected prayers.

Overview for Kitah Hey (5th Grade)

  • To begin to explore the history of the land of Israel.
  • To explore life in modern day Israel.
  • To begin exploration of personal theology through a student centered curriculum which emerges from student questions.To explore selected stories from the Book of Numbers.
  • To continue to increase reading and comprehension skills.To explore the meaning of certain prayers in the Shabbat morning service.
  • To demonstrate acquisition of the above mentioned skills. 


Overview for Kitah Vav (6th Grade)

  • To explore the stories of Exodus through different commentators.
  • To continue and develop our understanding of the Jewish holidays.
  • To begin to study the Holocaust, both as an opportunity for values clarification and to more deeply understand this important event in Jewish history.
  • To continue to increase reading and comprehension skills.
  • To explore the meaning of certain prayers in the Shabbat morning Torah service.
  • To demonstrate acquisition of the above mentioned skills

Overview for Kitah Zayin (7th Grade)

  • To continue the study of the Holocaust. Students will delve more deeply into the history and specific aspects of the rise of the Third Reich and its downfall.
  • To develop the tools for writing a D'var Torah.
  • To make the mitzvah of tzedakah a reality in the students’ lives by
    • (a) studying Jewish perspectives on poverty, tzedakah and how best to work towards repairing the world an
    • (b) undertaking a project oriented unit on tzedakah in which students will take responsibility for researching and choosing a worthy cause and supporting that cause.
  • To journey with the students through the Shabbat service using the siddur as the primary text.
  • To explore the traditions, rituals and customs of Jewish living in a hands-on manner.