METNY Awards

On April 14, 2013, Temple Sholom will receive seven awards for synagogue excellence at the Metropolitan New York Region of United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism's Kallah K'tanah. These awards recognize and honor congregations who have developed unique, creative and dynamic programs that enhance the life of the synagogue and its congregants.

The specific programs awarded are:

  • Religious School category: drama/music/youth choir programs, silver
  • Special Programs category: "Anti-Genocide" program, gold
  • Israel Awareness category: Israel Advocacy/Education/Awareness initiative, gold
  • Early Childhood Center category: Selma Maisel Nursery School, gold
  • Adult Education category: "Shabbat Morning Torah Study", gold
  • Website and Social Networking category: Temple Sholom Website, gold
  • Bulletins and Periodicals category: B-monthly bulletin, Weekly e-Bulletin, Quarterly Program Guide, gold

This is the fourth year in a row that Temple Sholom's Early Childhood Center – The Selma Maisel Nursery School has been awarded for its excellence. Temple Sholom has also been previously recognized for its Religious school, special programs, adult education, Israel awareness programs, website, and bulletins/periodicals.

In addition to the seven awards given to Temple Sholom, Sam Telzer, will be honored with an Ernest L. Rothschild Award. This award recognizes outstanding synagogue leadership throughout the Conservative Movement. According to METNY, "The special efforts of recipients of this award affect and change people's lives, as well as further Conservative Judaism in their congregations."

"Sam has given his time and talent to Temple Sholom in numerous ways", said Rabbi Mitchell M. Hurvitz. "As VP of the Finance Committee, Sam worked tirelessly to implement changes to ensure the Temple's budget was balanced throughout the year. He also worked closely with each synagogue department to balance their financial requests within the confines of finite funds. In addition, he and his family regularly attend Shabbat services, and have been instrumental in encouraging other young families to become more engaged in synagogue life."

METNY is the Metropolitan New York District of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ) and is one of 14 regions within USCJ. For more information on METNY visit